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Asking? the fragrance.LIMITED EDITION ,due to changing formula just a smidge.1/3 oz bottle of the fragrance Asking. 

Experience the notes of Citrus Sandalwood and Musk
(I test all my creations on me first)When I first applied this fragrance I noticed a greeting of brightness surfaced and filled my space with a sense of flirty Allure then dried down to a warm lingering romance (like in the Glamorous Days of Old) which lead those in my surroundings Asking me, is that you wearing perfume?  what are you wearing?  what is that? , it smells good, fresh, light, just good. (TRUE STORY) Now of course with fragrances people have different body chemistry, therefore smell interpretations may differ, but overall it smells wonderful and may have people Asking you, what are you wearing? (wink)

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