Asking Pt. 1

Who likes the old black and white movies, comedies, drama the romance, meeee- I do. When I was a little girl I used to stay up late on the weekends looking at the late shows admiring the song and dance and the flowing hemlines of the costumes and elegant dresses that the women would wear and the dapperness of there male counterparts, ooh the glamore of it all. In one of many scenes in particular. i remember the woman would be getting ready for a date she would sit down at her boudoir putting her accessories on then she would ever so ladylike pick the perfume bottle up, take out the flask or spray the atomizer  behind her ears, neck ,or and wrist; matter of fact just like I would see the women in my life as a younger girl would do. This fragrance "Asking" was inspired by the glamore, romance and elegance of the days of old and nostalgic movie classics.

My fragrance "Asking" is a combination of the Past with the Presence. Now, of course, the packaging gives it away but the fragrance itself has a strong but not cloying presence, although sometimes cloying is good and I like cloying, well not cloying  cloying (lol) but in other words a fragrance that will be noticeable and not just to me but others as well, I mean why not share the experience sometimes, and then there's that lasting factor thing I love, you know when a fragrance lingers and dries down-sometimes to a surprise depending on your chemical makeup that day.I like creating strength in fragrances it reminds me of older women in my life specifically when my mother use to get ready for work or church and she would spray her perfume on and I,You, they and all the neighbors would know it was time to leave(LOL), I may have not heard her spray it on but I knew it was on, oh and the headaches,,, but it would last all Day and Nite (hence that's part of the inspiration of the sub-name,,,ok ok let me get back to what I was saying,,,STAY TUNED FOR PART 2


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