A Purple Box Co

A Purple Box is actually the parent company to many of my past , present and future brands & endeavors, such as The Fragrant Place  N'aim Beauty   Kel-ee Jewels Jewelry Box  just to name a few... and the one that started it all.The Whole Woman Boutique. As we grow i'll share more about these. Come join me on my journey to build my vision.

A Purple Box Co where good things come out of.

@ Purple box we want our customers to feel as though there receiving a gift with every purchase, from small to large from Jewelry to graphic apparel to fine fragrances or fashion and accessories...That feeling you get  when you open a present for your birthday or Christmas..

Yes, Our product line is temporarily small but we will be adding new and exciting products, so stay tuned, in the meantime, while growing, enjoy our small but great products...A PURPLE BOX CO WHERE GOODS THINGS COME OUT OF  even if its small.